What is a CM?

What isĀ  Construction Management And How Does It Work?

Construction Management is a professional management practice that consists of several services that apply to the construction project. This includes planning, design, construction, and post construction phases for the purpose of achieving all project objectives including the management of quality, cost, time, and scope.

Construction Management is designed to promote the successful execution of the project for the client. Projects can be highly complex and few clients employ the resources necessary to pay close continuing attention to every detail.

A CM acts as a client’s principal agent in the management of the construction project and represents the interests of the project when dealing with other construction professionals, subcontractors and other private and public entities.

A CM has the expertise to assure the best possible outcome with a lower cost to the client. All contingencies and profit margins are removed from the total cost of the project that are normally created by a GC for unforeseen expenses that may occur during construction. With a CM the savings to to the client, not the contractor.